Sunday, March 2, 2008

Goin hard to the rack in Des Moines!

I have the pleasure of being a part of the capital city's newest Sports station, KBGG-AM! The Hawkeye State has been good to the MAMM team, to be sure. I also get a chance to work again with Tim Fisher. Tim was at WJBC in Bloomington, IL when I first got the chance to be a part of the mighty 1230. Thanks for the opportunity, Tim and Jack!

I like Sports stations a great deal. That's probably due to the fact that I like sports a great deal. I'm not a "stats freak" necessarily....and I don't involve myself in Fantasy Leagues...but I grew up around sports (my father played in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization for a short time) and, although not excessively talented, I always enjoyed playing. I also feel naturally inclined towards sports stations, and especially the full-service AM stations that are flagships or affiliates for sports teams. I imaged Sports Talk 980 in Washington, DC at the start of Y2K. And, of course, I spent almost 5 years at KDKA in Pittsburgh.

I look forward to being on the big 1600! I really like voicing Sports stations that have a sense of humor, as well as the assertive, balls-to-the-walls approach, especially towards football and hockey. However, baseball is truly my sport, and during my tenure at 'KD, I had lots of opportunities to write and produce promos and imaging pieces that focused on the more "spiritual" aspects of the greatest game ever invented. (plus, I got to work with a person whom I consider one of the most gifted voice-guys in the land: Jim Conrad.)

One of the coolest sports imaging guys who I've had the pleasure of working with is Blair Trosper. What's particularly interesting about BT is that he doesn't, admittedly, consider himself a very big sports fan. He programmed WUMP in Huntsville and he wrote some of the most clever copy...copy that, in a way, "married" the aggressive overtones of sports and sports talk with a playful, clever sense of humor. Blair now puts Adobe Audition through its paces at WBT in Charlotte, another station with some legendary call letters.

So....I look forward to much fun and frivolity in Des Moines. Thanks for having me!

Oh, did I mention that it's 29 days till Opening Day? Not that I'm counting or anything.


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