Saturday, March 8, 2008

Talk Boxes, Telephones, Tommyknockers, and Two-Base Hits!

It's Saturday, and I'm still reeling from the fact that I received an email from Bob Heil! Yeah, THE "Bob Heil"...of Heil Sound...of Heil Microphones...of the "Heil Talk Box" of Frampton Comes Alive fame. Yes! Turns out, he lives in the same area that I live in! This is pretty cool!

Like most production/imaging folks, and those of us who enjoy yakking in front of a microphone, we're ALWAYS in search of the perfect sound, the perfect set-up, the perfect "chain"...or the one that we can afford, anyway. The electronics industry, and the broadcast part of it, to be exact, has been flooded with inexpensive Chinese-built microphones that claim to be exact replicas of those made by Neumann or Soundelux or Brauner or others. A couple of years ago, everyone wanted an Apex tube microphone (I have one) and now...well, there are too many to mention, really. But, my friend Troy Duran told me that KMOX had replaced many of its on-air microphones with Heil products, and I was intrigued. So, I jotted a note to the "info@" address...and, lo and behold, a note from the MAN himself! Hopefully, I can meet him at his place and get some of his input on our next purchase for the studio here.

"Email" has really altered the landscape in so many ways. I recently joined the local Chamber of Commerce and had been asked to attend a luncheon and give a five-minute presentation on exactly what it is that I do. (That took some planning, since I've really tried to branch out into other "audio" areas not specifically confined to "radio"...and the fact that I had grappled with exactly how to phrase "watch Sports Center while waiting for Rock 108's weekend concert copy to hit the in-box!) I mentioned during the talk that I thought it was an interesting environment, in that most of the encounters I have with prospective clients...are through email. We simply don't get nearly as many opportunities to come face-to-face with people, simply by virtue of the fact that it's just easier to hit "send". I've really tried to occasionally call clients just to let them know that I'm more than just a "matt@" figure out here in cyberspace. A couple of years ago, a PD, now a former client, said to me, "Hey, it's cool you called....but I'm in the middle of a contest on-air and my weekend-er just called off. Send me an email". Hey, I know the feeling. It reminded me that sometimes it's just more productive and more hit "send".

While I both pondered the art of communication and gloated over my newest email pal, I felt it right and proper to contemplate it all over a dopplebock. Bocks and Double-Bocks are some of my favorite beer styles, and Tommyknocker Butt Head Bock is truly mystical! Rich, malty sweetness, well-balanced, a true joy just to look at, with it's deep ruby hues...and at 8.2%, contemplation never felt so good.

My wife gave me an early birthday gift, too. (watch it...this is a family blog!) She saved her pennies and forked over the first payment on the MLB Package. Sweet! I can't wait for Travis Hafner moon shots in high def!


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