Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tom Petty was right...

...the "waiting" IS the hardest part!

As many of my voiceover-compadres know (well, with the exception of folks like Brian James, who, I'm guessing, don't have to do a whole lot of waiting around!) waiting for a decision from the powers-that-be can be mildly disconcerting. I auditioned the other day for a Classic Hits station in the southeast, as well as for a Country station in Hawaii. I even asked my wife to tutor me on the correct "mainland-er" pronunciation of the state's name. ("Huh-WAH'-ee", she says. "Not huh-WHY'-ee!") She lived there for 3 years in another lifetime and, believe me, if she had her way that's where we'd be. I subtly reminded here that I'm in the "radio" business and wasn't all that interested in going back to a 1-bedroom apartment for $1500.00 per-month, sun or no sun.

Moving from working-for-somebody-else status to entrepreneurship makes you look at things in a fairly radically different light. Losing out on the chance to be a part of a station's imaging wasn't so crucial when I knew that I still had a paycheck rolling in. Now, it seems like more of a life-or-death situation, in some respects. The few good friends that I do have know that my wife was involved in a car accident almost 8 years ago. We were en route to a new position I had taken with a station in Washington, DC and somebody rear-ended her on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. That accident has really curtailed her ability to do what she's always done (O.R. surgical nurse) so being employed AND having a healthy roster of freelance clients was a gift from the Divine. Then, when my position was eliminated at the end of 2006, our situation changed yet again. So, yes...the results of this "waiting" have proven to be even more crucial.

While decision-makers huddle in offices across America (and in the U.S. islands to the west of the mainland!) I've decided to do a little reconfiguration to my TV demos. I haven't had a large amount of luck being a part of TV stations as an imaging-voice, and I'd like to correct that this year. So, back to the digital editor!

Oh....26 days till Opening Day! (or, as it's known in downtown Cleveland, "White Sox Butt-Kicking Day"!)


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