Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Turning the ship around...

The weather here today is, in my humble opinion, about as crappy as winter weather can get. We had sleet and freezing rain late afternoon and into the evening, coupled with ferociously biting wind and below-freezing temperatures. This morning, there were a couple of inches of snow on the ground, and then it started to spray freezing rain again. Now the sleet is making its presence known, and we're getting reports of 4 more inches of snow throughout the day. Overcast, gray, gloomy...yuck.

So, then, this is perfect weather for auditioning and NOT getting the job! This seems to have happened a good deal to me lately. When I was job-hunting all over the country as an Ar Talent or Production Director, looking for 5k more a year, I used to hum this mantra to myself: "If you can get an interview or audition, you'll get the job". And it usually worked. In the world of "voiceover", it's a far different tale. If I'm lucky enough to be contacted by a station for an audition ("Hey, Matt, we're an Oldies station that's about to go Classic Hits. Can ya read a few lines so we can get together for a meeting later to make our decision?"), my excitement is a bit tempered, because, simply by the sheer number of people doing voiceovers, I know that my chances are fairly remote. Am I blaming it on the "numbers"? Hmmm...maybe. It could be that I just, you know....suck. But the sheer number of people hanging out their own shingle to do voiceover work is pretty staggering!

In the last month alone, I've had the chance to audition for a MAJOR Rock station in the Midwest, a full-service AM in the heart of the Corn Belt, and a Country station in the Deep South. And, like 4 MORE people last week on American Idol, I was sent packing. I'm guessing that the reasons are many....price, style, or perhaps what a PD heard on the demo didn't sound exactly as he or she imagined it would sound when I gave them the audition lines. Or, it could be that I....ya know....suck. Whatever the reason, it's always a little disheartening. Ok, so I just looked at my cable bill. It's ALOT disheartening. Maybe I don't need ESPN Classic.

So, like everyone who splatters saliva into a microphone for a living, my goal is to turn the ship around! I've included my demo on a few compilation CD's that are slated to hit the desks of OM's this week. I do the All Access thing, the Voice Island thing, and am contemplating the Small Market Radio Newsletter. I've also reconfigured a few demos and am finishing up an alternate site that caters to more than just "voiceover", with emphasis on full-blown imaging and commercial production. So, to a certain extent, I think I'm doing my part. Now, if Mother Nature would cooperate a bit to provide a little...ambiance...if you will. Hold on, let me peek outside...

Damn. Still snowing.


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