Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dusting Off the Keyboard!

...with just the left-hand, of course!

This rotator cuff surgery thing really gets in the way of...well, of typing; hence, no Matt-blog activity! I'm right-handed, which means surgery of this sort, especially on the right shoulder, makes one appreciate the little things we take for granted, like:

* brushing one's teeth (and other bathroom "duties")
* putting on a belt
* making scrambled eggs
* operating a mouse
* putting on a seatbelt

Hopefully, Dr. What's-His-Name will give the thumbs-up to remove this harness so that I can avoid more inane comments like, "How'd you break your arm, dude?" Thankfully, when it comes to raising a frothy pint of Loose Cannon from Clipper City Brewing Company, I'm ambidextrous. The left arm is in Olympic-sized shape.

Oh, and it's really nice to flex one's elbow after an elongated time-period in the sling. Yes.

Go Pens!


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