Sunday, May 17, 2009

Open House - Sunday, 1-3

There are certainties in this life. Yes, we all will die. This is a given. And, yes, every April 15th, Uncle Sam will have his day of reckoning. And, the Browns will be incapable of defeating the Steelers. These are inescapable truisms that cannot be avoided. Oh, yeah...and Matt and Donna are bound to move again.

We have our home up for sale. We've been pondering a move for awhile now. Normally, packing up the Ryder truck is as a result of some gleaming, shiny-new radio job. But the circumstances leading up to this move have been different. For the first time (at least for now), we've been able to decide to go just about wherever it is we want to go. And that poses some dilemmas.

Do we hate the St. Louis area? No. It's a major city (or, was one) with all the amenities that you'd expect to find in a city of this size. We've grown to love our house, we really like our neighbors, and our little haven on the east bank of the mighty Mississippi puts us in close proximity to downtown in a location that always looms towards the top of the "Most Dangerous City" list. (Hey, I have the Rebar on the outside of my studio window to prove it!) But, as I believe I mentioned in an earlier post...I'm just not "feeling it". It's rather like that scene from Back to the Future when Marty and Lorraine finally kiss. Something just doesn't feel quite right.

So, it looks like we're headed to Nashville! Or...back to Pittsburgh! know, we're just not sure. Should we move to be closer to family? Should we move for anticipated "opportunity"? Should we move because the weather is nicer? Should we move because we have friends there? For us, it's been a non-stop barrage of "should we" questions that, lately, have not sported a whole lot of answers.

If you're an actor, or have aspirations to be one, it's easy to say "I'm moving to New York" or "I'm moving to Los Angeles". If you're dying to lobby for the NRA, then "I'm headed to D.C." is pretty understandable. Or, like so many times in the past, if a job takes you to a particular place, then, of course, that's the place you need to be and you hope that the adaptation transition is a smooth one. Or, if you simply can't survive without the sand between your toes, then maybe the Florida Keys is where they eventually bury you.

Now, I know this is going to sound like a very generic, un-informed opinion, but I had an illumination as I was on my scooter the other day while sitting at a red light. Looking around, gazing at the relatively new "Bed Bath, and Beyond" sitting next to "Borders" which sits next to "Panera Bread" which nudges up against "Office Max", I concluded that, besides some meteorological differences, a change-up in accents, and which local professional team's ticket-plans are advertised on billboards, every place is...pretty much the same. Oh, sure, the political faces change, along with that city's teams' colors...but all in all, people pretty much want the same thing: good schools for their children, affordable housing, an accident-free commute, and a Super Bowl.

We have friends in both places. We have family in both places. (ok, in Ohio and not in Pittsburgh, but the drive over on the turnpike is pretty easy.) Pittsburgh is much more "Democrat", and Nashville is still in the buckle of the Bible Belt. Nashville is growing while Pittsburgh is not. Fans in Pittsburgh cause our fixation for the Browns to be a very harrowing experience; In Music City, you can pretty much like whomever you want without fear of retribution. Pittsburgh is a much more cool city from a topography perspective; Nashville is easier to get around. Pittsburgh has pierogies; Nashville has "Meat 'an 3's". People are moving to Nashville; lots of people aren't moving to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has better beer. Nashville has hotter women. And both places have some pretty interesting accents.

Oh, hey, it's almost time for the Open House. I'll continue discerning this situation. In the meantime, gotta run 'an 'at.......ya'all!


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