Monday, August 10, 2009

Mother's Little Helper

My Bupropion doesn't seem to be working lately. For those of you who are terminally in a good mood, Bupropion is just one of many anti-depressants on the market. Heck, I don't know why I take it. I suppose that it's because it helps me deal with the fact that I just let seven continents full of people know that I take an anti-depressant. That's the bane of the blog world, I suppose. Perhaps it's because I was born without certain chemicals in the brain. I'm not sure. But I do know that I've felt predisposed towards depression for a better part of my life.

Did I have some epiphany about my depression that I felt compelled to share? Somewhat. I'll share it here in a bit. But I've felt this overall "haze" lately, for want of a better word. To me, it feels like a "gnawing" for something that, because it's not realized, makes me feel like something's missing. And because I can't pinpoint what it is, I tend to feel a bit bummed.

Since deciding to head back to Ohio, I feel as though a chapter in my life, namely my working life, is about to close. And, it might also be because in another year, I'll be hitting the big 5-0. Regardless of the reason, I find myself taking stock in my accomplishments. Or better put, what I've yet to accomplish.

Have you ever tried to truly size up what's really important to you? I'm finding myself in that frame of mind lately. I've been trying to isolate the things that give me joy and then really trying to capitalize on them. But, since a guy can only drink so many cans of Dale's Pale Ale without having to head to an AA meeting, I'm trying to look beyond my love of fine hand-crafted beers. What give me joy? And if I know what they are, what can I change so that obtaining them will help obliterate the feeling of being "bummed out".

I had a revelation the other day, and I believe it's something I've been feeling for the past couple of years. I'm never going to have children. And I think the joy that I see other people experiencing regarding their children makes me...a bit sad. Honestly, I've never given children a whole lot of thought. I was generally too busy trying to get to the next biggest radio market. And since Donna is unable to have any more children, it never occupied a good deal of my thought. Except for the past couple of months. So what do I do about that?

My unqualified psychological expertise tells me that I should look at expounding upon these other things that give me joy. Funny, though, most of the things that give me joy are long, sometimes un-approachable journeys towards bitter irony. Baseball gives me joy; yet, the Cleveland Indians have just experienced their biggest "fire sale" since 2001. Things of a spiritual nature give me satisfaction; however, doing zazen in order to find more meaning about myself is a long, arduous, the Zen masters would be very upset with me for thinking that I can "get something" from zazen, anyway. Music has always been very important to me; But, knowing a D minor chord and a couple others does not make me ready to get a recording contract. And whatever Deity is up there knows that I love what I do for a living; however, "hanging ones' hat" on their career in totality makes for....well, it make for one to eventually have to succumb to taking Bupropion.

Oh, there are other things that propel me towards some feeling of nirvana. I love spending time with my wife and I really enjoy my family. I dig movies, riding my scooter, shanking golf balls, and reading on my Kindle. But these big, large, looming questions that tend to foster so much existential angst are the ones that shake me to my core and prompt me to feel...queasy...about what to do next. This angst makes me feel inferior and contributes towards this feeling that even people posting on Facebook seem to have alot more going for them...than I do.

I remember reading an article about Henry Rollins. The interviewer asked him about his thoughts on people in general and Rollins basically said that we are people who take too many anti-depressants....that we're people who are too quick to "blame" something on outside circumstances and not on our own inabilities to deal and cope. I remember him saying, "the best medicine is to get your ass to a gym. You can learn alot about coping and about yourself after a kick-ass workout." Maybe that's the key. Not dwelling on the big things or ceaselessly worrying about how to fix them, understand them, pry them apart and put them back together again.

So, that's what I've been trying to do. Just like the title says, "onward through the fog". Pop my little pill and try to find small victories in small things. Landing a new client-station. Admiring a Tribe victory even when they're 11 games out of first. Enjoy sharing a Lagunitas Hop Stoopid with my neighbor Pat. Trucking up and down the aisles at Target with Donna while she searches for the right bird feeder. Confront. Accept. Enjoy. And get my ass to the gym.


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Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Reading from the Letter of Matthew to the Earthlings...

Brothers and Sisters...

I greet you in the name of good cheer and wholesome blessings, both of which, I hope, continue to multiply in abundance for days to come. But I beseech you and I ask most inquisitively: what the heck is going on?

Why is everyone doing existential back-flips over the fact that Barack Obama cracked open a few beers at the White House with Gates and Crowley? I'm more incensed that it was Bud Lite and not something from, say, Clipper City!

Why do the Cleveland Indians feel it necessary to dispose of another Cy Young award-winner for the second year in a row? And why did they also have to throw Ben Francisco in the deal, all for some single-A players, one of which is a pitcher on the DL with a sore shoulder?

Why do raccoons have to like my garbage so much? Try greeting your morning by cleaning up last night's ribs all over the driveway and tell me how you like it!

Don't complain about the $9.00 beer if you're still willing to pay the $45.00 ticket.

Show some restraint! Just because both of us are in line waiting to buy bagels at Panera Bread doesn't mean that both of us want to listen to your inane cell phone conversation. And get an ear-piece that doesn't look like something that came off the Millennium Falcon!

Why is a government-run health-care option such a frightening consequence? The existence of the United States Postal Service doesn't hinder you in any way from still using Fed Ex! And why can't doctors take a pay cut like the rest of us who still have jobs? 40 bucks for you to tell me to come back and see you in 3 months? That's a good gig if you can get it.

Which is smaller: the airline seat in the "coach" section or the seat in the upper deck?

Is there a supplication that exists that can appease the computer gods on a consistent basis so that they don't inflict their wrath on your laptop at the seemingly most inopportune times? And when did the Geek Squad start charging you before they actually do the diagnostic?

Why does a game require a "color commentator"? Vin Scully has been doing Dodgers games for 60 years and he doesn't need one.

Can the question "Do you need some change back with that" be permanently eliminated from the waiter/waitress lexicon?

After all this time, do we still need to be prompted to "leave your message at the tone"?

Who, besides Congress, gets a month off for vacation? And how do the rest of us "go into recess"?

If no Cleveland team wins a championship in my lifetime, do I get bonus points in the Afterlife?

Besides my wife, is there a more voluptuous woman on the planet than Robin Meade?

Will Glenn Beck just please shut up!?

Is there anything more delightful than the first sip of coffee in the morning?

As the answers to these and other formidable questions struggle to make themselves apparent, I remain yours, in harmony and at one with the rise and fall of the 10,000 things....and on the continual search for my broom so I can, once again, clean up the driveway!


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