Monday, December 21, 2009

Boxes Next to the Tree

Nothing is even close to being finished. The flooring that workers promised to have installed by the time we arrived is not complete. It looks like we'll be doing a majority of the painting ourselves. The new kitchen cabinets sit there without counter-tops, and the kitchen-sink remains in its box. Piles of tools and debris dot the living room, while the other space in this much-smaller house is covered by stacks of boxes marked "Wheaton Moving". Yep, it's Christmas on the far-east side of Akron, Ohio.

We survived the move. The Big Guy even gave us some brilliant sunshine and dry roads last Friday as we made our way north towards the Buckeye state. But when we arrived, the view was startling. Virtually none of the work had been completed. Donna had spent all that time here in November trying to coordinate all the logistics of a good portion of the main construction that was to greet us when we arrived on the 11th. However, absolutely none of it was complete.

Did I mention that all of our belongings could not fit on one moving truck? Those were some interesting looks of disbelief on the faces of the movers when they pulled that 70-foot rig up in front of this house. "We gonna get 13,000 pounds in this house?", they asked. It's a good thing we have a full, unfinished basement.

We're both exhausted. We have a good deal of work to do. Trying to manipulate around piles of debris and stacks of boxes is a formidable task anyway; making progress several days before Christmas makes it even more challenging. But amongst it all, sitting on the buffet in the living room, is a lone poinsettia, a symbol of Christmas, 2009. Under a cold, gray December sky in Akron, Ohio sits a small, unassuming house filled with boxes, dirt....and a little bit of Christmas spirit.


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